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The Good Shepherd's Studio


Last Updated
September 6, 2012
9:15 PM
Congradulate yourself, you are at the Good Shepherd's Studio Online! Welcome to The Good Shepherd's Studio! Congradulate yourself, you are at the Good Shepherd's Studio Online!

Outside the Good Shepherd's Studio The Good Shepherd’s Studio is not a commercial recording studio. It is an IRS 501(c)(3), non-profit youth oriented organization that was founded in 2002 with the intent to provide a badly needed resource to teenage musicians, giving them a safe and supportive place to rehearse, record digital multi-track demo CD’s, find opportunities to perform their music, as well as receiving mentoring on “survival” in the often brutal world of music. All these services are provided to teenage musicians, (18 yrs. Old and under),


At The Good Shepherd's Studio, ALL musicians are welcome. Country to Christian, Metal to Motown, Punk to Pop, and Rap to Rock 'n Roll; all styles, young and old, offering a safe, clean, "hassle-free" place to hang out! The rules are simple, and the expectations pretty basic. There’s no "preaching", and no hidden agendas. The studio exists solely for the following reasons:
  • A safe & supportive place for young people to record and hang out with fellow musicians. When ready to step up to the next level, we can provide professionally produced demo CD’s, career mentoring and opportunities to perform at live concerts - All at no charge!
  • Music, sound, and logistical support for youth oriented events.

The Good Shepherd's Studio is totally user-supported. The studio offsets its operational and equipment expenses through the generous donations from family members of the teens it serves, and community members that believe in our mission.

Since 2002, the studio has served the needs of over 400 musicians from 56 communities, and 9 states, that would otherwise not have such an opportunity due to lack of resources or money. The studio receives referrals from youth workers, music teachers, music stores, etc. The studio encourages kids to “live smart and clean” in an effort to positively influence their life choices. As one young rapper stated, “I’ve decided to start rapping about life and positive stuff.” Our goal is to help young musicians to learn about how their music can be the outlet to help them cope with the pressures of growing into adulthood, instead of falling into destructive behavior like so many of their peers.

Secondly, our role has expanded to supporting others that help kids. We provide affordable music and professional concert sound to “under-funded” youth events, and other non-profit organizations. Since 2004, we have assisted with over 300 events!

Lastly, we work with juvenile detention facilities, and group homes to provide a positive message of hope and encouragement through music and motivational speakers to incarcerated youth. So far, we have worked with over two-dozen groups!

If you have any questions, or need any additional information, please do not hesitate to call!


Kevin Looker


As result of the tumultuous economy; we've lost 74% of our monthly support over the last year.

Nonetheless, I remain committed to keeping the organization “alive”. We've proven the value of what we provide, and the difference we can make in kids lives. We WILL NOT walk away from that which we believe is so important to the youth trying to “find themselves” with their music.

However, based on current financial projections, unless we can generate an additional $1,000/mo. by 2013, we may very well be forced to cease operations. We believe that we can accomplish this by adding 50 new “Andrew Jackson Club” supporters, ($20/mo.) by then. So that is our goal for 2012!

If you would be interested in making a $20/mo. monthly commitment to us, please let us know! You can email your name, address and phone number to:

OR…Even better take advantage of the PayPal options to the right!

We will send you a monthly newsletter with a self-addressed, stamped remittance envelope included.

We ask that you keep us in your thoughts and prayers for the upcoming year. May God richly bless you and your families in 2012!

Thank you.

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The Good Shepherd's Studio

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Our Corporate Sponsors
* Mike Metzger & The Chico Therapy & Wellness Center "Concert Care Team" - Recognized by California State Assembly for excellence, our Wellness Center is the oldest, largest and most well-respected massage training school in Northern California, Sacramento Valley area since 1992. Our mission is to provide a quality education for beginning to advanced body workers. For more information, visit
* The Graphic Fox - For close to 30 years, The Graphic Fox has provided traditional single and full color offset printing to the north valley community. We offer a variety of specialty embelishments including consecutive numbering, die-cutting, foil and embossing. Our newest service includes high-speed digital color and black and white copies from your original art or files. For more information, visit
* Harris Ranch - Established in 1977, Harris Ranch located in Coalinga, California is the fine-dining experience that includes a well appointed inn and country store. This is where discriminating travelers stop for the finer foods and warm hospitality indigenous to the Central Valley. For more information, visit

The GSS Marketplace Showcase
Max Krasov Hot!A new CD from Max Krasov is here! A copy of this release can be received through the studio by emailing For more information about Max, check out our Max Krasov section!
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The Good Shepherd‘s Studio Sampler

The Good Shepherd's Studio
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